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We set out to update the site we created for Jessica. While it looked good in 2009, it was starting to show its age. We needed to rebuild without Flash and create a responsive, mobile-friendly site. Jessica also wanted the design to accentuate her work rather than feel like a site that her work happened to be on.


Instead of sections like gallery or reviews, we structured navigation around projects, bringing the work to the forefront. Jess wrote project texts explaining her process on each piece and we dug up rehearsal photos, and concept shots. Content was structured to focus on her process so people would know what it was like to work with her.

The Original Design

The Original

The New Design

The New


“Matt Falber is the website whisperer. He has an amazing ability to translate a vague feeling about what you want your site to be into something cogent, beautiful and easy to navigate. While he has all the necessary technical chops, what really makes him special are his people skills. He is a sensitive listener, a clear communicator and a great teacher. After working with Matt for many years, I have come to rely on him; my website has evolved in numerous ways, and I feel braver and more confident in what I am able to do with my online presence.”
Jessica Bauman

Seamless Mobile Experience

Jessica's Site Full Scroll

2014 was the year that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic online. As such, it was important to offer anyone with a mobile phone an experience crafted to the dimensions of their screen size that was just as functional as the desktop site.

In the desktop or tablet interface, each project has three feature images next to Jessica’s commentary. Underneath, we put production photos, videos, and behind the scenes photos whenever possible (again focusing on Jessica’s process).

The phone and smaller tablet versions of the site chose the best feature photo and put it at the top of the screen. If users wanted more photos, they would find them below the commentary with the rest of the media.

Jessica's site on mobile

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