Who We Are

Falber Creations is helmed by Matthew Falber, an award winning web designer and entrepreneur specializing in strategy, storytelling, and human centered experiences. In business since 1998, our studio is located in New York City and creates for organizations around the world in various industries including garment, advertising, hospitality, non-profit, museum, and entertainment.

“A non-designer’s dream. Falber has amazing ideas, is easy to work with and has true artistic vision.”

–  Matthew Corozine, MCS Theatre

Our work online and offline strives to identify and solve problems in a way that is equally good for an organization as it is for the end user. We believe that strong solutions should be communicated through an engaging narrative and that brands thrive when they know who their audience is and they continue to engage them, surprise them, and delight them.

Matthew Falber

Our Services

Branding & Visual Identity

We live in a fast paced era of innovation. Even if you’re the leader in your field now, someone else could come along to challenge you tomorrow. We don’t just play around with pretty colors and fonts, we strive to understand your business and its strength. We increase our understanding of who you are, then create a strategy and a perfectly tailored visual identity so that you have all the tools you need to grow as an iconic and trusted brand.

Web Development

There are lots of ways to get on the web. Should your site use Angular, Node, or React? Is Flash still a thing? Do you need something AMP compliant? You want a website that’s built on reliable technology that will grow with the web. You don’t want a site programmed using the language of the week. We use clean and optimized code utilizing proven languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to ensure that your site has staying power.

User Experience Design

You have less than ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention when they visit your website. We strive to create something that not only grabs your target user’s attention but makes it easy for them to carry out important tasks. We believe the best designs get out of the user’s way and let them do what needs to be done. Using extensive testing and iteration, we provide an experience that’s distinctive, attractive, and most importantly effective.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Based on our understanding of your brand and the current state of technology, we create a strategic plan to efficiently reach your goals. A good strategy isn’t necessarily the one that’s the most cutting edge, it’s one that functions optimally in current and foreseeable tech climate and plays to your strengths. Rather than trying to game the search engines or social networks, we’ll set you up with a long-term plan and provide you the tools to adjust course for maximum performance.

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