Prepare Inc

The Challenge

Prepare Inc knew they needed a new website but they liked a lot of things about their old website. “Everyone keeps tell us nobody liked to read anymore but we like to read and the people at organizations that hire us tell us they appreciate how detailed our site is.” Karen Chasen, Prepare’s Vice President wanted to be sure I understood that she didn’t intend to be a cakewalk client. She would go on to explain that for various reasons, there couldn’t be photos on the website and I couldn’t describe them as a self-defense company. The new site would need to be designed to play nice with mobile devices, have online booking, and they needed help with their digital marketing strategy.

Prepare's Old Site

Prepare's old site

Prepare's New Site

Prepare's New Site

Project Highlights

Branding & Identity

A survey of clientele showed that Prepare helped people to feel empowered. More than merely personal safety training, they allow a diversity of people to come as they are and learn how to conduct themselves assertively in the world. We defined the color of purple that would be iconic with the brand, standardized typography, acceptable accent colors, and set additional style guidelines.

Visual Design

Since we weren’t allowed to use images on the project, we created word collages that doubled as clickable buttons leading to Prepare’s different services. Copious amounts of white space were used so that users wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by content. We opened up the logo to make it feel unrestrained and to allow it versatility in print and online.

Content Strategy

Prepare’s previous site had lots of content because they are experts in their field. Our strategy positioned them as such through their blog and social media. We created an editorial calendar to coincide with the strategy. Content was organized in a digestible format supported by an intuitive navigational architecture to support it. Short video skits were created to help visually illustrate the benefits of their products.

Marketing and SEO

Automatic submissions to Google’s ensure that it always has the latest version of the site. We set up strategic link partnerships and the page is formatted using best SEO practices. An email marketing strategy was created which prioritized repeat business.  Most importantly, as content is key in the SEO game, we established an inbound marketing strategy to regularly create remarkable articles.


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What they say

“Matt Falber found creative solutions even when we made his job harder, like giving him color constraints or asking him to find last minute space in the wireframe for additional site elements. He accommodated both our vision and the goal of making a better website. He was knowledgeable about so many things beyond visual design such as writing and editing content, video, and SEO. We liked him so much we did a second project with him.”

Karen Chasen, Vice President of Prepare Inc

“Matt was recommended because of his broad range of expertise but we had a lot of strong ideas about our site. He was flexible and creative in his approach to make a content heavy site with no photos (per our request) still be visually dynamic. I also appreciated that he took the time to really learn about our services. He kept us on track, delivered as promised, and stayed in budget.”

Donna Chaiet, President of Prepare Inc

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